Parisian Peel® introduces Duette™ the first machine to combine the best in crystal microdermabrasion and the patented DiamondTome™ crystal free skin resurfacing system. Different patients and varying skin conditions call for multiple treatment modalities. Duette offers the flexibility to switch between using crystals and DiamondTome wands not only between patients, but also during the same treatment.

All systems feature what you would expect from Parisian Peel such as: proprietary hand piece, which increases operator control while minimizing fatigue, self contained waste canisters, triple HEPA filtration, for a clean treatment environment and a dehumidification system for clog-free operation. And from DiamondTome: multiple diamond-tipped treatment wands in varying coarseness for addressing conditions from simple exfoliation to superficial scar reduction on both face and body, HEPA filtration and clog free operation.

The names that you know, the quality you trust.